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Sadguru Shri shri harihar ji is very famous in the field of astrology , spirituality , vashikaran specialist and black magic specialist , fangsui, & Enchantments .with the help of the oldest and traditional mysterious knowledge . he make it easy for the people to solve out their problems. He was born with the mystical powers and magics and her mother came to know this by a sky-voice in a dream .as her starts to grew up people starts to come know about his divinity of personality and his supernatural power.instead of getting huge wealth he choosed to live as a ascetic and wondered to help needy. He spent his time in reading and analyzing as many as books as possible. As the time passes his knowledge is getting better and better in the field of religion , philosophy , spiritual literature . at the very early age he got the knowledge of gita , ramayana , mahabharata , quran , bibal, vedas of gurugranth sahib ,puranas , upanishad, and many religious books .
Sadguru shri shri harihar got his success in the field of astrology , palmistry , Enchantments equipment, Prognostic-bad omen, of dreams , numerology , yoga, dharma , visit, spirituality , hypnosis , maritime science , Gems Rudraksha , brahma vidya , Otherworldly science , telepathy , atma vidya , tarot card , natural medicine , music , etc. most of eminent personalities such as cricketer , actors , leaders , business man has visited to sadguru shri shri sharihar ji maharaj. Shri shri harihar ji has written more than 900 books on mysterious learning , and characters . in which more than 199 books are published in sanskrit , hindi and punjabi languages. The main purpose of these books is to help the needy person to solve out his /her problems.

There are many ways to perform vashikaran ritual but there are 3 most famous &

Effective ways to perform vashikaran and these are yoga maya vashikaran , chandra wajra vashikaran , and third is mohini vashikaran .

  1. Yoga maya vashikaran – In this process we use the power of yoga and maya-  the goddess maa bhairavi . its very effective and fast result giving ritual. Where other vashikaran process fails the only and only yoga maya vashikaran gives 100% result and last for lifetime.these is no side effect and harm of it and no other tantric aur baba can find or do remedy of it once it is done on some one.

     2. Chandrawajra vashikaran –  In this type of vashikaran we use the power of moon and Thunderbolt of indra deva .its a very powerful                     vashikaran process.it takes 21 days to complete. In this ritual , seeker has also do chanting of some mantras and has to aviod some food. Its                 very effective and hard ritual process and if not perform correctly and you may get side effect of it so it should always be perform in presence             and knowledgeable person or should person by vashikaran specialist .

    3.Mohini vashikaran – Its is one of the simplest vashikaran ritual that anybody can perform and these is less change of any mistake. This                  vashikaran ritual is basically perform for lovers . it takes 3 days to complete the process and the third day you get the result . for mohini                        vashikaran we should use yellow cloth and coral garland taken into use.In this ritual use chant 1 lakh 45000 mantras. For this ritual we need              photgraph of lovers.