If  you are regularly facing trouble in your life  and felling that nothing going well than definitely you are facing some paranormal problems .due to some negative energies around you and you fell that some energy ( evil) always comes in your dream, you are alone at your home but still you think some is there than you have to be alert and view on some aspects .

  1. at the time of full moon and new moon if your family member is in depression and become aggressive and his/her health starts deteriorating .
  2. if some negative happening every Thursday , Friday , or Saturday .
  3. arising of health related problem due to some specific color of clothes .
  4. suddenly get angry by one person of family on another person.
  5. gatthering of dogs only near to your house instead these are other houses as well.
  6. female is in period every new moon .
  7. if the same person of family getting injured again and again .
  8. there is no stability in married life.
  9. any member of family consuming alcohol in large amount.
  10. felling like you are under pressure and you getting paralyze while slepping .
  11. seeing scary dreams .
  12. running in the dream of fear .
  13. looking snake and dogs while in the dreams.
  14. getting down of stairs and there is no ending while sleeping .
  15. feeling scent smelling .
  16. fearing of river , water , or height.

These are the mostly occurring side effects of black magic. If any of these indication  you see be alert that it’s a kind a paranormal problems.

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