Enemy- Marn Mantra

Some time unwanted people become your enemy and start to hate you and tease you. Some are known and some are unknown to us and both are cause of harm. I am providing you some tips and remedies to tackle such situation and get rid of your unknown and known enemies .we basically use maran mantra use on Tuesday and Saturday .your own are now become your enemy and jealous of your dignity and jealous of your wealth and money . if someone has put you in deep trouble and there is no way to take revenge than maran mantra is the only option which can help you. Your enemy wants to kill you and you want to teach them lesson , your enemy has killed a case on you, police torchering you , some forcefully occupied your property , you are in debt and unable to pay to lender and he is forcing you , than maran mantra comes into play. Your love is in control of some another men/women and they have taken a vashikaran of them just for their money & you want to save your love than maran mantra is only option to teach them lesson .

Before starting this spells recollect the image of goddess maa durga and read this 32 names of maa durga using bead . this spell is very powerful that even maa durga itself said that whoever will chant my these names they will never get harm and there enemy will get destroy , and you will get free from any other problems. You have to just do what sit /stand near worship place and with the remembrance of maa durga start taking name of maa durga that are 32 in number. Make sure that you have washed your hand and taken bath before sitting for this ritual.