Destroy Enemy Get Money & Success By Naag Mani ( snake mani)

The Naag Mani Uses:

Owning such Mani is considered good luck, makes person wealthy and fulfil all desires. It also mentioned that when gem is separated from the Cobra, the cobra dies.

The Naag Mani is considered as one of the nine sacred stones & pearls and most of the books on gems give the way it is formed naturally, but all are myth and created stories. Practically there are many other aspects generally people are not aware of, which we are going to mention here. Possessing a Naag Mani attains devotion, godliness, good fortune and eventually becomes renowned as a leader of men or masses.


Some Facts about the Naag Mani:

It is said that the size and luster of Nag Mani increases with the age of the snake. It is moon like pearl stone with blue / pale green / yellowish tint and it emits light in darkness. But the most rarest of them all are the pale green translucent light emitting mani and the other rarest is the one with spiritual fossil textured type pale black opaque ones. They are best among them all.

Scientific Facts
Generally the life of cobra or king cobra or any snake carrying a naag mani is approx 20 to 30 years in total. It can emit light all night long, but it should get warmth of light or sunrays during the day to emit low fluorescent light in the dark. Generally snakes and cobras who carry these talismans and manis are found on the Asian belt near Sri Lanka and Burma. But most of them are found in the INDIAN Subcontinent only.

Generally, the most powerful and rarest of them all emits a pale green light in the dark environments.

Conclusion about its reality and its existance:

The real Naag Mani emits pale green light, but there are other types of naag mani which are opaque and doesn’t emit light. So this is not necessary that a translucent mani is only the real one. We have expertise and proper skill set to identify the real naag-mani which Glows at night continuously or may be repeatedly after some intervals. While the fake Nag Mani glows only once and then if you change the place there will not be any glow in it. The fake Naag Mani may be identified by such instance – The sellers will take you few feet’s away from the place of placement of naag mani and tell you to be silent to show you the magic. Suddenly light starts emitting from the fake mani, it increases slowly. This all operation is done by a far and distance functioning remote in such a way that it reduces the intensity of the light to make you look like it’s a real one. It is all an electronic gadget which fools people and innocent believers with all these cheap tricks of fake sellers. Real Naag Mani is not necessarily complete round and emits light. Some naag mani are smoothened and polished to give the maximum effect to the user. Some of the finest NAAG MANIs radiate a natural effulgence and are in pale green color. By repeated washing or polishing, a snake stone or nag mani becomes as lustrous as a polished gemstone.

Anybody who possesses such a snake stone pearl will never be troubled by snakes, devils and spirits, chronic diseases or by any evil or underworld beings.

Naag Mani cannot be identified in a gemmology lab as it needs special expertise and in-depth knowledge of vedas and granthas to identify the genuineness of a real NAAG MANI. This legend exists in almost all Asian Cultures and in well famed the Naaga Tribe present in India & Tibet. If carried with your body, it should only be kept in right pocket, never the left, unless otherwise specified or energized accordingly.

There are various types of Naag Mani which may be called stones of a snake or snake stones aka snake gems or Snake Pearls.

Colors & Power Attributes of Naag Mani
Naag Manis are available in various colours and textures which are either light emitting or glowing ones or the non-light emitting ones. The most valuable and rare ones are Pale Green in color and spiritually fossilled textured black. These are considered as the most powerful NAAG MANIS among all. Others available are yellow, honey orange, red and white in color.

Light Emission and its Glowing Property
As far as emission of light is concerned, there are some snake stones or Snake pearls which emit light at their own will and some cobra pearl stones do not emit any light at all. The legendary Nag-Mani shown or most talked about in mythology is just a myth like a big red light emitting ruby on the hood of the king cobra, which is not available at all, not seen by anybody ever and hence is not available anywhere round the globe. Lastly, Naag Manis which are seen are solid and in pale green colour and some are textured black solids. Some are translucent naag manis emitting light, but not up to several feets or meters away, which is just a myth. Real naagmani just glows within or creates a very small aura of its color around. Best ones will glow within itself and are also considered as the most powerfull naag manis available.

After thorough experimentation, it was found that these miraculous talismans emit light or glow in dark and not in lit or lighted environments. One needs to see / place them in dark environments outside on the day of Amavasya to see its proper glow as they doesn’t glow much inside the home even in darkest corner of your house.