It become a biggest problem today that if you lent a property on rent to the person who is very nice in talk and look gentlemen and you allowed them to live on rent and then they do not left your property and forcefully acquire it. Under influence of their behavior you let them to live in your property on rent. They (tenant) after passing the time and instead of your words they do not left your property .It become very hard to Evacuate your property from tenant . here I am telling you some remedy using which you can salvation of your problems.

  1. light the camphor, make soot of it and then add mustard oil in it to make ink of it on first Saturday . write the name of your tenant using your index finger on the yellow leaf of banana tree . now go to any lonely place and put that leaf on ground and using your left leg rub that leaf following abusing that tenant and order that left my property . continue this ritual till you not get success and soon you will see that your tenant has left your property .
  2. if the tenant is female than instead of using soot we should use turmeric and write the name of that tenant using that turmeric .