Vashikaran Ke Totke

What is VashikaranTotka or Totke? What does vashikarantotka means?

Vashikarantotke or totka is an easy method of vashikaran to control and bewitch someone. It is easier to perform vashikarantotka than chanting vashikaran mantras for hours because vashikarantotke only need some tricks and physical actions to get result of vashikaran.  Later, we have discussed comprehensively the types of vashikarantotkas with procedure to do vashikarnatotke in hindi and english.

Who can do vashikarantotka/totke?

Any person male or female can do vashikarantotke with good intentions, some people take help of vashikarnatotke for bad/evil intentions but we do not suggest that. If you are facing any problem in any kind of relationship then vashikarantotke are the simplest form vashikaranvashikaran which you can do by yourself or for faster result you can take help of a trustevashikarantotkatantrik like Harihar Baba (Call on 8860114539)

Who is best tantrik for vashikarantotke on Girlfriend/boyfriend/ husband/wife?

Best Tantrik for vashikarantotke is TantrikHarihar baba who is specialist in doing any type of vashikarantotka on any person and he show fastest result of vashikarantotke. Strong and safe solution is guaranteed by baba ji, you can contact him and experienced the difference between Baba Hariharnath and other tantriks.

Here are some tips and tricks by which you can attract your love towards yourself, you can free him from the dizziness of another girl and make it your own forever. So if you feel that your love or your husband is running away from you, then you adopt these measures today and take advantage of them.
It often happens that even after two lover’s efforts, one does not get to love each other or a lover or girlfriend does not get his love. It seems that he has lost interest in his companion and he has started ignoring him. In this way, the distance between you increases and many times there is a conflict between small things and the matter comes to you separately. If you want to get out of this situation, then it is important that you adopt some special tricks on your own home and attract your love again. The solutions that we are going to tell you today are tried and very effective, so you can benefit from them.
1- If you feel that your lover or your husband has started living away from you, then you have to take some yellow turmeric powder, cow’s ghee, cow urine, mustard and pap juice Take it. Now you get all these well and then put them on your body. After a while, when these pleasures go, you take bath and go in front of your boyfriend or husband. This attracts you towards you and makes you love more than ever before.

2-: Almost every wife and girlfriend is making fear that their partner loves another girl besides them. In this way, take coconut and black gram seeds and grind them and make them powder. Then in this powder you mix a little bit of camphor and honey and make a paste and apply this paste on your forehead daily. With the influence of this tilak your partner is always your own and he will never leave you alone.

3-: To get your love and make it for yourself forever, take 5 cloves on the first Sunday of the ShuklaPaksha and place them in the place where you sweat. Then you dry and grind them and make powder. Now make your husband or lover’s choice dish and feed it to the powder in it. In this way, you will always remain in love and affection between the two.

4- If you are experiencing difficulties in getting your love again, you can adopt a Vasishikan mantra and this mantra is “Kala KrishnaaNamahNamah”. You have to chant this mantra 551 times a day, but keep in mind that you should start from Friday onwards.

5- Like the Vashikaran mantra, you can adopt a conspiracy remedy too. For which you will need a photo of basil powder, mustard oil, sardehi juice and your lover or girlfriend. Now you can mix all the ingredients, after mixing the ingredients, you chant 251 times “Kali kumum mam (name of boyfriend or boyfriend) and kumarbhavantiswaha” and then paste the picture of your lover or girlfriend Find Now you have to put that picture on your forehead 11 times. If you do this week on 11 consecutive measures, you definitely get your love.
6- If you are sure that your husband or boyfriend really loves another girl and that is why you stay away from you, then you should cut some hair of your husband at 12 o’clock on Thursday night and then burn them to the feet Give it Due to the effect of this measure, soon your husband or boyfriend is released from the clutches of that other girl and he slowly comes closer to you again.

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