Monday , Thursday , Saturday are the best suitable days for using vashikaran / attraction spells. Same  for ravi yog , ravipushkar yog , sarva siddhi yog, Dwipushkar Yoga or tripushkar yoga are important yog for vashikaran  spell and to remove sarva badha mantra.we should not perform vashikaran/attraction spell  in jwala mukhi yog.

Same apply for rahu kaal it is also said that we should not perform .using vaijanti mala is  best suited for vashikaran spell.while you sit for vashikaran spell casting you should place white or red cloth .mantras/spell should be use purely and correctly. chanting of 1lakh 45thousand mantras should be done at the time when it is night and moon appears in the sky following havan. For havan pooja we should use Pure cow milk and other ingredients should be kept in safe place.before starting this ritual you must take blessing by guruji. You must place photo of the person of whom you want to take vashikaran / attraction spells.

Vashikaran process should be start before the remembrance of your god /goddess. Vashikaran spell is basically be done at silent place like at the corner of river, at home , near well .it must be that when you start chanting the spells you should not stop till total spells are not complete.if any kind of obstruction will come remember that you have to start chanting again.